MagicBOX Frame Pro Extra

NEW: The MagicBOX Frame Pro Extra

The production of this new MagicBOX Frame Pro Extra will start at the beginning of 2023.
To test whether this MagicBOX will meet your expectations, there is a Show model in Almere.
If you would like a demonstration, we would like to hear from you.


The MagicBOX Frame Pro Extra is a photo studio that can only be used standing up.
In the MagicBOX Frame Pro Extra you can easily take professional photos of flowers, plants, mourning/floral arrangements, musical instruments, home accessories, larger wide items, etc.

The MagicBOX Frame Pro Extra has beautiful diffused light from 5 sides for shadow-free, even lighting.
The maximum load is ± 6/7 kg.

The MagicBOX Frame Pro Extra is PVC free on a small part.

Art. no:12212
Weight: 50 kg
Dimensions: 1185 x 785 x 1420mm
Max size objects: 955 x 695 x 1235mm
Price excl. VAT:


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MagicBOX : Your own photo studio for product photography with MagicBOX Frame Pro Extra !

What is a MagicBOX?

The MagicBOX is a product photography studio: perfect for product photography for your webshop. The MagicBOX works with LED lighting so the light on the product comes from multiple angles. Because of this there will be no reflections and shadows visible on the product you want to photograph for your webshop. Easy, fast and efficient to make your own product photos for example for and

The MagicBOX is perfect for taking product photos of, for example, Food, Glass, Fashion, Jewelry, Ceramics, Electronics, Plants, Flowers and basically anything that fits in this product photography studio.

There is a suitable MagicBOX for almost every product: Choose the MagicBOX that suits your wishes and product. Check out our product photography studios.

Why use a product photography studio?

Selling products is increasingly shifting from physical selling to e-commerce. More and more consumers are buying their products online, the shopping streets are empty. As a result, the online store has taken on the function of a shop window.

The online offer is large and the consumer is becoming increasingly critical.
In your webshop shop window you display your products, as beautiful as possible and as truthful.

Through product photography and 360 degree product photography, as a retailer you give consumers the best possible image of your products. For example, by using the MagicBOX Square 360. Perfect for taking stunning 360 degree photos. Several studies have shown that by using 360 degree photography, sales have increased by 10 to 40 percent.

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