About us

Who are we and what is the MagicBOX?

Who are we?

We are Ronald and Birgitta Schaafsma, owners of MagicBOX. Until half 2019 we were a wholesaler of beads and from that the MagicBOX orginated in 2013. In search of a professional affordable way to take our product photos for our company, we have developed our own small photo studio. Over the years we have developed this into a wide range of products that meet the different needs of the customer. We have been making the MagicBOX since 2013 with the utmost care in-house. We are proud to tell you that we sold the magicBOX in 25 different countries.

- Our Mission -

Taking professional photos and videos with the MagicBOX in a simple way and with as little help as possible from photo editing programs is our mission.

  • The MagicBOX has around diffuse light through LED lighting and accounts for 20,000 burn hours.
  • The MagicBOX is easy to use, with phone or camera you can quickly take professional photos yourself.
  • The MagicBOX is made of sturdy and durable materials, compact and maintenance-free.

The MagicBOX is produced in Almere and stands for quality and service. We can give you advice on how your camera or phone works in combination with the MagicBOX.

Experiences of MagicBOX users