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11-5 2020 | Gepost door Birgitta Schaafsma

New MagicBOX packshot table!

On the MagicBOX Packshot Table you can easily take professional photos of larger objects such as Fashion, paintings, suitcases, bags, jewelry, musical instruments, flower arrangements and combination photos etc… brochure, social media or website.

The MagicBOX Packshot Table is a working-height table on which you can photograph many different items: the camera rail allows you to be photographed from different sides but of course you can also take pictures from the side with your mobile out of hand or with camera on a tripod.

30-4 2020 | Gepost door Birgitta Schaafsma

Demo at a distance now also possible

Normally you are welcome to visit us and follow a demonstration with your own products and camera/mobile, due to the Corona rules this is not so easy at the moment.
We can give demos at 1.5m distance but now we also have the opportunity to demonstrate at a distance with your own products.
Would you like a demo please get in touch with us!

17-4 2020 | Gepost door magicbox

We have a new website!

The new website has been launched on 17 April!

Of course we tested extensively but despite that you might encounter “mistakes” or inconveniences, if so we would of course like to hear that!

Choose the MagicBOX that fits your wishes and products!