MagicBOX Frame Pro

The MagicBOX Frame Pro is a photo studio that can be used standing and lying (on the side or on the back).
In the MagicBOX Frame Pro you can easily take professional photos of flowers, plants, mourning / floral arrangements, musical instruments, home accessories, larger wide items, etc.
The MagicBOX Frame Pro has beautiful diffused light from 3 sides (back and sides) for shadow-free uniform illumination.

A separate turntable can be ordered for making 360° videos.
A door to protect against dust, etc. can also be ordered.

Art. no.: 12211

Weight: 25kg

Dimensions: 980 x 630 x 1300mm

Max. dimensions of objects: 740 x 510 x 1310mm

2.180,00  excl. VAT