MagicBOX Packshot Table

On the MagicBOX Packshot Table you can easily take professional photos of larger objects such as Fashion, paintings, suitcases, bags, jewelry, musical instruments, flower arrangements and combination photos etc… brochure, social media or website.

The MagicBOX Packshot Table is a working-height table on which you can photograph many different items: the camera rail allows you to be photographed from different sides but of course you can also take pictures from the side with your mobile out of hand or with camera on a tripod.
The advantage of the camera rail is that a fixed point can be chosen so that all photos are taken from the same angle.

The MagicBOX Packshot Table has nice diffuse light from the bottom and from the 4 corners so you don’t have a shadow and a virtually white background!
The maximum load is ± 10kg.


The MagicBOX Packshot Table has many creative possibilities and is the solution for many articles to quickly take professional photos yourself.

The worktop of the table is fully equipped with daylight LED lighting so that the product is nicely exposed from below. From the 4 corners, the product is illuminated from above by the adjustable LED light panels.
The roof and camera rail are adjustable in height and equipped with a cloth with a black and silver side, so you can either stop or reflect the light from above.


The working height is 93cm.

The 4 adjustable light panels of 60 Watt LED Bi-Color (colour temperature adjustable)240 dimmable LEDS are dimmable per lamp for the ideal exposure.

The light can be controlled with included remote control.

The MagicBOX Packshot table has swivel wheels and is therefore easy to move.


This MagicBOX comes exclusively camera.
We recommend a camera with wi-fi connection, this in connection with remote operation.

Art. no.: 12210

Weight: ± 100kg.

Dimensions: 200 x 120 x 220cm

Max. dimensions of objects: 110 x 190cm

7.500,00  excl. VAT