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MagicBOX Tips &tricks
Here are some tips and tricks to make optimal use of the MagicBOX

Below are some manual settings on your photo camera that can help you to get the best possible result.
It is also possible to take photos with your mobile phone.
The information is a guide and the settings and functionalities may differ per photo camera / mobile phone.
The settings also depend on your personal preference and taste.

General tip:

Make the photo already in the format you will need later on your website. You do not have to cut out the photo afterwards, this saves time!
Take the product as large as possible in the picture, so you get the best result in terms of color and light on the photo.

Shooting with a camera:

You can photograph with a compact camera, but you can also take the most beautiful photos in the MagicBOX with an SLR camera.

We ourselves have very good experiences with the compact camera Panasonic Lumix DC-G91MEG-K, a compact camera with which you can also shoot videos.

This camera is also equipped with a Wi-Fi function, handy to transfer your photos to your mobile or desktop right away.
This camera also has a 180° tilting screen, which is useful if you want to photograph with your hands in the MagicBOX above the product.

The camera is on sale at Panasonic Lumix DX-G91MEG-K camera


A slightly simpler and cheaper model is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80EF


The camera is on sale at Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ80EF

General camera settings:

In many cases, your camera is set to automatic and then you cannot set the tips below.

For the most ideal settings in combination with the MagicBOX, we recommend shooting in the M or P mode.

When your knowledge of photography is limited, the P mode is the best option.
The ISO, shutter speed and aperture are then set by the camera, but you do have the freedom to make some settings.

Automatic white balance

The AWB (automatic white balance) is normally set to automatic, but theMagicBOX is equipped with LED

lighting, the photo camera can register this light as blue / gray light.

Check in the menu of your camera whether you can manually change the AWB in, for example, shadow or daylight.
The blue/grey backlight is then converted to white light.

Check which type of light suits you best.


Often your product is underexposed / too dark, because the MagicBOX has an illuminated surface and back.

With the following adjustment/setting you can easily solve that.
On the back of your camera you will see a square symbol +/-
By default, it is set to 0.
+ : background and object is overexposed, everything becomes lighter, this makes the background even whiter / lighter.
– : background and object is underexposed, everything becomes darker, this is how you work if you use a black / dark background.

Try to optimally apply the different light meters in the camera:
multi-field measurement, center-oriented measurement and spot measurement.


If you are shooting close by, it may be advisable to enable the macro mode (tulip symbol) to get very close to your object.

The advantage is that the device can then focus.

Photographing with a mobile phone

Mobile phones today have such good cameras, the most recent models have 3 or more cameras. It is not necessary to purchase a camera. (of course you can set more on a camera). The advantage of shooting with a mobile phone is that there are also many apps with which you can possibly edit, crop and upgrade the photo with, for example, information from your company, an article number and logo.

If you have a still camera with Wi-Fi, you can of course also easily put the photos from the photo camera on your mobile and use the apps.

We have good experiences with the free app Pixlr.

Another advantage of shooting with a mobile phone is that almost anyone can work with it and you do not need any specific knowledge of photography for it.

Since the MagicBOX gives a lot of light and your mobile phone is set to “normal” use, you can take the perfect photo with your mobile phone with some small adjustments. With a number of phones, this is very easy:

Tap on the product on the screen to focus and a sun will appear, with this you can whiten the background by sliding up and down. If your phone does not have this function automatically, you can change the exposure (EV value) in the camera menu.

We have very good experiences with the One Plus 8, the iPhone 12 and the Huawei Mate.

More technical specifications regarding the cameras of the different mobile phones can be found on the internet, including

has most mobile phones on its website.

Useful tips to make the work even easier:

Use a tripod

This gives you a steady image. Always put the tripod in the same position so that the photo/video is always taken from the same point of view… this gives peace and unity on your website.

Some tripods also have an attachment for a mobile phone.

has many different tripods in different price ranges. Note the adjustment height!

Set the format

Make the photo already in the format you need for your website.
You then no longer have to cut the photo to the desired size afterwards: this saves time.
Take the product as large as possible in the picture, so you get the best result in terms of color and light on the photo.

In addition to the above tips, you will find some tips on the page instructie videos and our youtube chanel

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